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The goal of modern treatment concepts is not primarily the therapy, but rather avoiding diseases by means of preventive measures. Only specially trained and skilled assistants in prophylactic treatment are working in the Zahnarztpraxis am Friedrichshain MS11.

The prophylaxis in the dental medicine deals with all preventive measures against caries and oral diseases. The patient is informed about development of caries and oral diseases and how to avoid them. In order to avoid caries and parodontal diseases the patients should get a consultation in the praxis on the correct nutrition and hygiene techniques. The prophylaxis deals especially with removing microbiological plaque and avoiding plaque development. We also instruct children about the correct teeth cleaning in a playful and entertaining manner.

By means of understanding, responsibility, correct implementation of preventive oral hygiene techniques and the optimal teeth care you can do a lot in order to avoid teeth damage.

We are happy to over you a special recall service.